Company Profile

Microfinish was originally established in 1986 as a niche market supplier of Valve Guides and Valve Seat Inserts to OE and Aftermarket customers.

There has been a fresh organisational culture that has emerged – one that we are very proud of. The rejuvenated energy encourages all our staff to actively participate in the constant improvement process and it is their input which has resulted in the Microfinish of today. We place tremendous importance on our ability to analytically measure our quality and output, so that we are able to make informed decisions and our staff play an integral role in this process.

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Mission Statement

We endeavor to be a world class, lean manufacturing outfit that thrives on change and technological innovation while delivering meticulous, superior products, timeously.

Vision Statement

Our strategic objective is to diversify our product range, while carefully managing the skills drift from our current area of expertise.


Our social objective is to invest in the development of our staff, increase employment in South Africa and support the localisation and empowerment initiatives that have been mandated by the state.

Operational Structure

The group has two subsidiaries, Microcast which produces the raw material and the MICROFINISH manufacturing plant, where the raw material is machined into the finished product. These divisions allow for a turnkey operation, resulting in many positive externalities.

Target Market

We target the automotive component industry as an international manufacturer, offering a niche service to our customers, as we have the ability to offer bespoke solutions. We are capable of manufacturing any valve guide or valve seat, in existence, which aids our aftermarket customers tremendously when it comes to irregular sized or scarce parts.
Our products are supplied into the Automotive, Locomotive, Marine and Aerospace industries and our customer base is far reaching. We have stringent QC and test facilities which are manned by aptly qualified and experienced personnel.

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