To maintain and increase our position in the world market place Microfinish installed a Quality Management System in 1997 conforming to the requirements of IATF16949:2016. The use of formal management systems has expanded internally to include Environmental and Logistics using ISO14001 and MMOG as the basis. This disciplined and structured approach to Quality and production streamlines our effectiveness and increases our efficiency to enable our continued expansion into world markets.

Quality Assurance at Microfinish benefits from product statistical information and being well equipped with suitable measuring and test equipment. The company utilises preventative measures, but where non-conformances are found, corrective action for these non-conformances is developed through the corrective action system so that future incidences shall be reduced or eliminated.

The company operates a continual investment and improvement programme with the object of strengthening its market position through continued consistent quality, reliable delivery and competitive pricing through increasing efficiency and technical innovation.

Measuring  Equipment

Spectro Max – Chemical Analyser

Profile Projectors

Ultrasonic Testing

HRc Hardness Testing

Round Tester

Internal Micrometers

Microscope – Microstructure Analysis

T.I.R Gauges


Air Tronic Gauging

BHN Hardness Testing

Manufacturing Equipment

34 x Computer Numerical Controls (CNC’s)

15 x Gun-drills (38 spindles combined)

4 x Honing

16 x Centreless Grinder

1 x Double Disc Grinder

2 x Surface Grinders

1 x Cam Auto

2 x End Formers

6 x Skimmers

2 x Roll Marking

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